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Laurence K. Donahoe

The Oklahoma law offices of LKDLAW PC have been in business proudly serving the good people of Oklahoma for several decades!

LKDLAW is also known as the Collector Protectors, but do not be mislead, we are the protection from the collection, and wouldn't dream of protecting the collectors themselves. And thus we also are more accurately described with the following sentence's moniker.

Due to the way our law offices instead go after the creditors themselves, we are also known as the Creditor Predators, because when the creditors try to go after you, we turn predator and go after the creditors.

Laurence K. Donahoe has been helping the people of Oklahoma for decades seek justice, property rectification, and pursuit of straight and fair legal representation under the law.


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About Our Work


Although we will always do our best to help or refer you in times we are unable to assist, the following sentence addresses our focus of practice.

Our practice areas range primarily from Constitutional Law, Debtor's Rights, Wrongful Debt, to Pawnshop Law as well. Although these areas are what we primarily focus our practice, there is some room for overlap and other case types we would love to offer you assistance. So, please feel free to contact us for other areas of practice as we will do our best to serve you.

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Laurence K. Donahoe from LKDLAW PC
Laurence K. Donahoe of LKDLAW PC

Let our over four decades of legal experience in Oklahoma serve you! When it comes down to Constitutional Law and Debtors Rights, you need to look no further!

Laurence K. Donahoe will get you the protection from the collection you deserve!

Maybe you are being charged for a debt you don't even owe! Let Laurence protect you from the collection, don't wait, call today!

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Laurence K. Donahoe

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Focus on Constitutional Law

LKDLAW Practice Focus

Below are three sections of topics that each cover information about the Constitutional Amendments in which LKDLAW practices