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Dynamic Website Design and Data Management

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MySQL Database

Why have a boring static website, when you can go dynamic and custom serve data to generate your website content on the fly, based off your own criteria, or even data gathered from you or your users. From something simple to something more complex, all you have to do is imagine.

Custom Built for your needs

Although when possible we reuse some of our core code to save deployment time for your application or web service, all of our projects are custom built to fit your specific business or personal needs. If you use an existing Access Database or similar system, we can export into a web format for use internally or externally depending. And it is even possible to just use the Access Database if necessary, or if the scale of the project does not benefit going to MySQL or other reasons. But you would be surprised how many services you are perhaps out sourcing that can be tracked internally with just the right implementation.


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Remote Access

In this new ever changing work environment, Connectivity is the key to getting things done when they need to get done. Work from home options need to become a viable option to cover all your bases, and keep productivity as steady as possible.


As your business grows, you need to be able to meet the expanding needs of your customers. If you plan now and build a structure that can be scaled as you grow, you will be ready to meet all existing and future needs.

Dyanmic Webpages

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CSS Layouts

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding, you can change a website on the fly in seconds, or include interesting animations without the overhead of java scripting or other methods. This allows for the displayed results to fit nearly any size screen, and resize its self accordingly. We support both legacy Bootstrap 3, and the new more feature rich Bootstrap 4.


Boostrap is a favorite of most web designers, because it allows for scalability for building a webpage that will both fit perfect on a computer screen, but will also stack each of its elements vertically without having to design two different pages or layouts to fit each one.

Technical Repair, Consulting, and Upgrades

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Onsite Technical work

Depending on the location in the Oklahoma City metro, I should be able to get out there onsite to fix any technical issues your PC might be having. After hearing about the issue, we would be happy to give a free quote of what it would cost to fix the issue. Usually we offer a hourly rate for onsite work that the first hour might include a trip charge depending on travel time. If you need service quickly and can't be bothered with pulling the system to have it picked up or dropped off, our onsite service would be the perfect option for you.

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