LKDLAW Appreciates your Military Service!

LKDLAW has Dedication to Freedom

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LKDLAW respects the Constitution and your Service!

The American way of life just didn't happen by chance. It was the decisions of God fearing men that carved the path to the freedoms that we value today. From the early foundational days to the current modern times that we find ourselves in, it was only through the hard work and dedication of the armed services and the very men and women that make it the finest in the world!

Laurence K. Donahoe , the lead attorney of Oklahoma law offices of LKDLAW PC, himself had served many years with the United States National Guard, and thus respects and admires the work of those in all of the United States Military branches. Laurence knows personally the kinds of values, ethics, and ideals that people in these organizations radiate. The pursuit of fighting for freedom is at the very core of the values held by LKDLAW as well, and thus, our law offices want to extend gratitude to those that actively serve or are retired United States Veterans by offering a Veterans Discount to any military personal that would like to seek the law services of LKDLAW. Our law office appreciates everything you do every day!

United States Military Discount

The law offices of LKDLAW are now offering all United States military members of any and all branches, current or retired, a 10% discount on legal services rendered by our law offices. Active duty and retired veterans alike are now all eligible for this legal services discount.

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Just present any current military identification or other supporting documentation to our paralegals, and we will apply the credit to services our law offices provide for you! Think of it as a way for us to give back to you for all you do or have done, thank you for your service, keep doing what you do, and God Bless America!

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Once a soldier, always a soldier, and we pay respects to those that gave everything they had and more to keep America the greatest country in the world!

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God Bless America!

America Strong and America Proud

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Long may America be Strong and Free

** Note ** - The Military Discount can only be applied to legal services rendered by our law offices, any fees or other legal costs external to our direct services are obviously not considered rendered services by our law offices and thus do not qualify for the discount for those particular elements. In other words, if we provide the services directly for you, we can apply the military discount to those services, however if your case also has additional external costs such as but not limited to paper services, filing fees, court costs and other such services, we can not apply a discount to those particular line items as they are not services provided by our office.