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Constitutional Law

Covers many aspects of law.

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In essence, constitutional law is a body of law based on a ratified constitution or other type of similar formative charter that is dealing with the fundamental principles on which a government exercises its authority.

It is in these very principles in which the definitive roles and powers of the separate branches of the government as well as including provisions for the basic rights of the people establishing liberty.

About Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  • Human rights, also known as natural rights and freedoms, apply to all people regardless of their origin.
  • Civil liberties, however, are the rights and freedoms that are specifically granted to individuals by the authority of a constitution,

When a violation of your civil rights has happened, The Constitution promises that you will be protected. However, without the correct legal representation, your rights are left there hanging on the line. Our law offices have been dealing in the important matters of Constitutional Law for many decades. You would need to look no further to find an attorney than the law offices of LKDLAW PC for all of your Constitutional Law needs!

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Key Elements of Constitutional Law

  • Constitutional law is an area of law that is dealing with the application and interpretation of the freedoms, power, and rights established by a formally adopted constitution or charter.

  • Constitutional law encompasses all of the powers of the various branches of government, as well as the rights of the people.

  • The legislative bodies and courts tend to transform Constitutional law, forcing it to evolve over time as it is interpreted.

  • At the core of constitutional law is the protection of civil liberties and human rights.

Definition of Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the foundation of all other procedural and substantive laws applied within a country.

As well as, Constitutional law also establishes the authority of the government, as well as the rights of the people.

Also constitutional law is often primarily derived from a written document, and the case of the United States of America, that is U.S. Constitution.

Although each political subdivision, such as state and provinces have their own constitution, the term "Constitutional Law" general applies to the central government.