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Law Offices of Laurence K. Donahoe

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LKDLAW P.C. has a new office location! Our offices are still going to be located on 63rd Street, however now our offices are located just west of the intersection at May Avenue.

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Hours of Operation

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Covid-19 and Health Information

Information about Covid 19 from LKDLAW PC
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Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy

Our law offices take Covid-19 precautions very seriously. The staff of LKDLAW will be wearing masks at all times when we are interacting with our clients to ensure their and our safety. We do our best to maintain a sterile environment, and cleaning of the entire office is done regularly to ensure the safest environment for our clients. If you have any special requests or requirements that you would like for us to make to meet your needs in during the epidemic, please just let us know in advance and we will be more than happy to meet your needs. Our staff has been instructed to do increased frequency, longer, and hotter hand washing, and to avoid touching objects when unnecessary, as well as avoiding touching the face and mask when possible. We take the safety and health of our clients very seriously, and aim to offer the highest service possible during these difficult times.

FREE Medical Mask Provided if Needed

Covid-19 mask provided to clients that need one

If you are concerned about Covid-19, and do not have a face or medical mask when you visit our offices, a brand new mask will be provided to you for your convenience and protection. Just ask one of our paralegals if you would like to be given a mask, and we will get you protected promptly.

Virtual Meetings

Our law offices also commonly uses Zoom as a means to communicate with our clients when distance, convenience, or just non-contact is preferred by the client. We can also use it as a way to mediate between multiple lawyers simultaneously, in or outside of the state, to mitigate travel and other costs, providing value to you.

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If you don't have the time to visit our wonderful law offices in person, or worry about the current health issues the country is facing, we also have a Post Office Box if you prefer or it would be more conveninent for you to mail us any documentation that we might request to help assist us in dealing with your case.

Mailing Address:
P O BOX 31375
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73003