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Decades of legal experience

Our long term clients know one thing, and that is if you want it done right, reasonably, and promptly, Laurence is the attorney to call first thing! Decades of experience in the field has led him to be a leading choice among those seeking legal guidance and assistance.

Laurence K. Donahoe is one of the leading lawyers in the state of Oklahoma on Pawn Law due to his extensive work with the Pawnshop Act.

Although he also does extensive practice in the areas of Constitutional law, particularly the Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.


  • Oklahoma City University - (1975)

  • Oklahoma City University - (1980)

    Juris Doctor
  • Bar Admissions

  • American BAR Association -

    joined (1983)
  • Associations

  • Oklahoma Pawn Brokers Association -

    Legal Representative
  • Documents, Certifications, and Diplomas

    Juris Doctor

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    Oklahoma Criminal Defense

    Oklahoma Criminal Defense document from LKDLAW PC

    Supreme Court of Oklahoma

    Supreme Court of Oklahoma document from LKDLAW PC

    Western District of Oklahoma

    Western District of Oklahoma document from LKDLAW PC

    10th Oklahoma Circuit of Appeals

    10th Oklahoma Circuit of Appeals document from LKDLAW PC

    American BAR Association

    American BAR Association from LKDLAW PC

    Association of Trial Laywers

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    Bachelor of Science

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    Military History

    Military Education
    • Military Education & Specialist Training - (1967)

    • USA Engineer School - (1967)

    • Code of Conduct - (1967)

    • Military Justice - (1967)

    Military Service
    • Service Entered (1967)

    • Service Discharged (1973)

    45th Division of the Army National Guard

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    Laurence grew up in a small town life, but being a particularly bright boy, he hungered for the lures of higher education.

    Being a patriotic American, Mr. Donahoe felt that he also wanted to serve his country through military service as well. Besides the learned benefits of strict regimes, Laurence K. Donahoe had continued to expand his educational repertoire. Included in that military education time was the core seed of the pursuit of military justice that likely paved the path for Laurence's desire to practice as a civil attorney once returning to private life.

    Forever drawn to the allure of freedom and justice promised in The Constitution of United States, Laurence felt the calling to not only protect his clients from the wrath of a legal system gone awry, but also to uphold the very values and concepts that make this country great. Laurence always has a humble yet down to Earth attitude when dealing with his clients, but Heaven have mercy for those on the other side when he is fighting for you on your behalf. If you need real help, and want a lawyer that you can trust, Laurence is the attorney for the job, we urge you to call our offices today to see for yourself!