Debt Type and Legal Consideration

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Debt and You

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There are several types of debt, and depending on the type, LKDLAW might be the solution from your woes. Some debt is warranted and might need to be collected, while other types of debt are considered wrongful debt, where you don't actually owe for the amount, but a collection is trying to be made upon you, LDKLAW handles these types of cases very well. Perhaps there is a debt that you thought had been forgiven or canceled, and now a collection is once again trying to take place against you, LKDLAW is here to help! And in other cases, you might just not know your rights, and the debtor's rights section will answer some of your questions. Regardless of which one you select, you might return to this page to review the other pages to learn more about the legal process and what we can do for you to help you.

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Summary on Debt

Debt, especially the wrongful and disputed varieties, is always something to keep in check. While you might be aware of debt that you do owe, its the debt that you don't know about that can come back to haunt you. Especially if its a debt that you feel you are not actually responsible for or one that had previously been dealt with yet, is reappearing again now for unknown reasons.

Knowing the difference between the various types of debts can be the difference between legally owing for a debt or not. This is why it is important to seek legal counsel on these matters. Please contact our offices for a Free Consultation.

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Sometimes it feels when you are dealing with all these various debt types can be confusing and over overwhelming! Allow our law offices to assist you in when you are facing these difficult situations. Laurence K Donahoe, and his team of qualified and skilled paralegals, has the experience, gumption, and dedication required in these types of debt or collection cases, and all that we ask is that you give our law offices the opportunity to show you the level of dedication and quality in which our legal services are known.

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