Major Litigation Summary

Summary of Qualifications

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LKDLAW has handled many federal and state pawnbroker cases.

This page is a synopsis of several legal cases where major litigation in favor of the client was evident on behalf of Laurence K. Donahoe and the legal team of LKDLAW PC.

LKDLAW has filed numerous 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983 (illegal search and seizure) actions in the following Federal Districts:

  • Eastern Oklahoma
  • Western Oklahoma
  • Northern Oklahoma
  • Arkansas

LKDLAW is licensed and familiar with pleading and practice in the following Courts:

  • State Courts of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State Supreme Court
  • United States District Courts
  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court

Legal Summary

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Rulings that favor the client Image from LKDLAW PC

Western District of Oklahoma (Federal Court)

  • S & S Pawnshop, Inc., et al. v. City of Del City, et al. Damages recovered / injunctive issues appealed and remanded to the Trial Court in pawnshop's favor, law enforcement enjoined on remand.

  • Thrifty Pawnshop v. City of Enid, et al. Damages recovered by pawnbroker.

  • Top Gun Pawnshop v. City of Enid, et al. Damages recovered by pawnbroker.

  • Circle D. Pawn vs. City of Shawnee with Richard Smotherman D.A. Richard Smotherman implemented policies consistent with the Oklahoma Pawn Shop Act to be followed by his office and was dismissed from the case with payment of a portion of the attorney fees. City of Shawnee is ongoing as of September 2016.

Northern District of Oklahoma (Federal Court)

  • Huey's Pawn v. City of Broken Arrow Damages recovered by pawnbroker

  • Annabelle Winters, d/b/a Sharp's Pawnshop v. City of Dewey Damages recovered by pawnbroker.

  • Lawrence Leon Smith v. City of Ponca City Damages recovered by pawnbroker and policy change by law enforcement.

Eastern District of Oklahoma (Federal Court)

  • Gobert's Pawn & Fishin Stuff, Inc. v Bryan Country, et al. Damages paid to pawnbroker and policy change by law enforcement.

  • Jones Pawn vs. City of Madill and Craig Ladd D.A. Defendant's Implemented revised procedures consistent with the Pawn Shop Act, and recovered attorney's fees and costs.

United States District for the District of Colorado (Federal Court)

  • Len Larson vs. The City of Denver et. al. Tenth Circuit Appeal wherein Procedural changes and damages were recovered.

Western District of Arkansas (Federal Court)

  • Tri-State Pawn & Jewelry, Inc., and James Otis Reed v. County of Miller County, Arkansas, et al. Law enforcement ceased harassment of pawnbroker. Case dismissed by agreement following changes in law enforcement policy.

Oklahoma State Court

  • LKDLAW has filed and defended numerous law suits in the District Courts of Oklahoma concerning lost or stolen property of the customers while in the pawnbroker's possession. To date, LKDLAW has prevailed in all those cases.